Whether you’re saving for something in the future or just for a rainy day, regular saving is a good idea. Regular saving with Carrickmacross Credit Union is an even better idea.

At Carrickmacross Credit Union, you’re not just a customer; you’re a member-owner of a successful financial cooperative. You have the added bonus of knowing that your savings are being used to make loans to other members. Members just like you.

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When it comes to savings, we’re different. You’re not just saving for yourself, you are investing in helping your fellow members to borrow for anything from a new kitchen to a holiday and everything in between.

  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Standing Order
  • Get your wages, social welfare or pension paid directly into the Credit Union using Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT)
  • Put a small sum away directly from your wages every month using the Salary deduction
  • Simply call into us and pay over the counter.
Reap the Rewards

Benefits of Credit Union Savings

  • Savings balances over and above any loan you may have are available to you to withdraw on demand *
  • Dividends for savings available on demand, you will not get a higher return at the same level of risk. *
  • Free life cover on saving up to €7,700 as and from January 1st 2018 *
  • There are no transaction charges
  • A separate Savings Protection Scheme is in place to protect the credit union. *
  • Covered up to €100,000 under the Deposit Guarantee Scheme.

* (subject to terms and conditions)

Deposit Guarantee Scheme
Tax and your Savings

Some Additional Information

Those subject to tax and not qualifying for exemptions will be required to pay DIRT on their credit union dividend and interest payments. The rate of tax will be the prevailing rate announced in the Finance Act each year.

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